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Father and husband before anything else. Board game lover/player and love all things toys. I do video reviews and once in a blue moon, I just might do some writing as well. My wife loves writing and playing games with me, so we are something made in heaven. I have also been letting my little girl post up videos on her favorite dolls (Monster High). My son loves all things Mario. I want to get him more involved as well.

History as to why GreyElephant Gaming?

I was on vacation during November 2012. At this time I had been doing video reviews with a partner as InD20 group. I had tons of games I was needing to get reviewed and was feeling overwhelmed at the time. I was talking to my wife about getting some of the new games to the table so we could learn them and eventually get a video filmed. She started complaining that we never play the games we KNOW we love anymore. We are always playing the "new and shiny" just so we can get videos done. Simply put, she said it just wasn't as fun as it used to be. It hit me right then and there that she was right! The two of us spent my entire vacation playing all the "older" games we loved. From Defenders of the Realm, The Adventurers, Through The Desert, lastly Pandemic. Honestly, it was one of the best weeks in gaming I've ever had. At that moment, I knew I needed to change. I wanted to start enjoying my games instead of "turning and burning" them out for "reviews". The games I loved were collecting DUST! No more!

The following are the new formats I will be working on.

GreyElephant's "Quick Reviews": This will be the review part of my work. However, I understand time is hard to come by these days. These reviews are going to be fast and to the point!

GreyElephant's "How To Play": So, you need more than the Quick Review to be convinced of a game. Well, this series will take you through the game and teach you the details. All the way from set up to end game victory conditions.

"Live Play": Watch us as we play the game right in front of you! This is a great way to learn the game and see the mechanics played out in real time. Can't hide anything when a game is being played right out in front of you! Great way too see if this game will be one you will want to buy.

My first mission statement is being entertaining, yet educational. Educational is the most important aspect of our video series. Giving you as much information about a game  as possible! This will involve new games and hopefully some of my favorite classics.

My second mission is that after watching my videos on a game you're interested in, you will have a great idea on whether the game is for you, and most importantly will it ever get played! Too many of us have bought games that do nothing more than collect dust.

If you have any games you'd like to contact GreyElephant Gaming on, please contact me:

Email: Sevenbites@yahoo.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/followers
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreyelephantGaming?ref=hl
Boardgamegeek.com : http://boardgamegeek.com/user/greyelephant
Cell phone# - Get ahold of me via other sources first please. :)


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  2. Hi...

    Mic here from the UK.
    Love the blog...really useful reviews,combine superbly with the how to play and live play section...
    Looking forward to many more...

    Have you tried Star Trek:Attack Wing or Star Wars:X Wing...

    Like the look of both,but S.T.A.W. draws me with it's more depth using the Captains...

    Cheers Mic

    1. Hi Mic,

      First off, thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it!

      Second, yes we have Star Wars X-Wing. I have plans on filming stuff, but can never seem to get the time to do it! I would love to get into the Attack Wing, but not for a while. I've always been more of a Star Wars fan anyways.

      Tim Norris
      GreyElephant Gaming

  3. Hi Tim.

    When I get and play Star Trek Attack Fleet,I'll do a review and post it here...and I look Forward to seeing your X-Wing Miniatures game review...

    Keep up the good work Tim.

    Cheers Mic

  4. Hi Tim..
    Bought a bargain at my local Work's ( UK discount booksellers)...
    A copy of Queen games Batavia...for £7...
    Just wondered if you'd played or seen it...not played it yet,but it looks good...
    Nice packaging and contents...
    Take care..

    1. No, have not seen nor heard of it before. Queen games typically have some pretty awesome components. Let me know what you think it!

  5. Hi Tim.
    here's a challenge,got Middle Earth Quest...only ever played it once...and next saturday got 2 mates over for a Lord of the Rings day...which will include a game of the above mentioned game...wish me luck...any advice?
    we are also playing the Reiner Knizia LOTR game...
    I'll let you know how it goes...

  6. Well done Tim. 1031 subscribers when I last checked. You all must be well chuffed.
    Middle Earth Quest went surprisingly well. Played 2 games. Both 3 player games. The rules are surprisingly a lot easier than the game looks. Will DEFINATELY be playing it again.
    Take care.

  7. Hi Tim.
    hope all ok in the world of Grey Elaphant Gaming....
    thought i'd give an update on the James family games list....
    Got hold of Marvel Legendary...really like the game,great theme,plays very well...
    Picked up a copy of Pathfinder...for the bargain price of £29,which is dirt cheap over here...glad i got it,as was going to buy it in the States when we come over in July,but it would have almost took up a whole suitcase!!!
    Harry my son and myself have played some scenarios,just to get the hang of the rules,and also watched some of your excellent live plays...especially the early ones,that you were learning as you went along...and explained the mistakes you made..superb...
    Discworld,by Martin Wallace...I love this game...so simple and yet very tactical...a great little game...
    Mascarade..total mass player chaos..amazing how you instantly forget what card is in each hand the instant they go under the table!!!!
    also got Tsuro,Get Bit and Zombie Dice...3 simple filler games...
    I was a bit gutted,as we're coiming over to visit my Sister in Columbus,Indiana..at the end of July for 3 weeks...was looking forward to going to Gencon,as went in 2011 on our last visit...and they bloody moved the date this year...gutted...
    Will be looking to buy a game in the States to bring back with me...any suggestions?
    Wish you and the family well...
    Cheers Mic

    1. Mic! Sorry I haven't replied to you yet. I completely forgot. :0(

      Glad you are liking Pathfinder ACG! Yes, some of those rules are very vague and easy to overlook or misinterpret. That series has been a blast for us to film!

      I haven't played Discworld yet, but I have played Mascarade and agree that it is an absolute blast! How many times did you shuffle the cards only to forget which card was originally yours? Such a wonderful game.

      If I was to suggest a game, I would recommend picking up Splendor if you can. I've really enjoyed that game! Simple but elegantly designed!

      Wishing yours the best as well, buddy!

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