Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Top Games of 2014" GreyElephant Gaming

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  1. Hi guys. Excellent video as usual. I’m also very impressed that you managed to get through 2 x Top 10 lists PLUS honourable mentions in 30 minutes. Clear, concise and enthusiastic. Great job. I haven’t thought about a Top 10 for 2014 – haven’t played enough new games for a start – but there is a fair bit of crossover between your lists and some of my favourites for the year, so I shall definitely have to give some of the other games on your lists a try!

    Thanks again for all your efforts to inform and educate your viewers about games in such a fun and passionate manner. You’ve inspired (or shamed?! :-D) me into at least 'thinking about' writing my first board game review in 2015 – even if no one reads it! Keep up the great work. Best wishes for even greater happiness and success in 2015!


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