Friday, June 20, 2014

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Game Day 5/31/14

Had another wonderful day gaming here at our house! While waiting on the rest of the group to show, Carmen, Kevin, Isaac, and myself all decided to try out hand at Robinson Crusoe. Now you might be aware that Carmen and I love this game. We just did finish not only a review, but an entire live play series that featured us going up against King Kong!!!

We failed at building up our wood pile and lighting a signal fire. In short, Isaac died after fighting a puma. The cure wasn't yet invented which lead to him taking 3 wounds. Once the night time phase came, we rolled 4 clouds. It was over.

Another of our game group showed up so we decided to move onto a 5 player game of Eminent Domain. Now, I love EmDo, but this time we decided to try our hands at the expansion. Not sure how much a fan I am of the expansion. Seems it added too much that helps with Colonization and not enough for Warfare. At one point, every body knew that me and one other player were going with the Warfare strategy. The other 3 players played Colonization. They were able to gain Research cards and Planets that allowed them to gain VP whenever the dissented from a Warfare role. This seems ridiculous! At one point all 3 of them had 2 cards in front of them and the other player who was doing Warfare decided to move back to Colonizing and gain a card that allowed him to gain VP for dissenting as well. This mean, every time I went with a Warfare role, 7 VP points were handed out for free. Not too mention, they get to draw a card.

Even with all that, it didn't matter. The end game was triggered by somebody taking the last VP. One more round was to be played. However, someone was able to accumulate 12 VP which means they were able to obtain a card that granted them instant victory. UGH!

I will admit, I should play this expansion more before formulating an opinion. However, this first play was so absurdly ridiculous that I can't even motivate myself to do so. I completely hated the entire experience.

After that we broke off into two groups. One group which consisted of Brad, Elissa, and myself headed downstairs to play a game of Castles of Burgundy.

This was my first time playing this game. Brad and Elissa own it and taught me how to play.
Upstairs Bill, Carmen, Isaac, and Kevin played a 4 player game of Terra Mystica!
Back to Castles of Burgundy. WOW! Never knew what I was missing. Could this possibly be the best of Feld's designs? Amazing game!
Each player gets their own little player board where you add building and such by drafting from the main board. There are so many decisions to make, but not overwhelming. I can see with experience this game combos become more evident and you can make faster decisions on what strategy you would like to take depending on what's available.

Brad ended up winning, I came in second, and Elissa in third. I was so happy the agreed to leave it at our house so I can teach Carmen!!!!
This was the first time Bill played Terra Mystica. Everyone else at the table had experience. Isaac is like some sort of Terra Mystica savant!!! Issac - Fakirs, Bill - Witches, Carmen - Mermaids, Kevin - Engineers.

Isaac ended up winning. I find it very impressive he pulled out a win with what I would argue as the worst faction in the game! Bill came in second barely edging out Carmen. Kevin was spectating. :0)
Downstairs I taught Brad and Elissa how to play Bruges. Been a while since I played and my rust showed! I messed up a couple of card descriptions which hurt Elissa.
However, I wasn't able to stunt her enough, cause she was still able to pull out a 1 point victory over me.

Bruges is a game that when I first started playing, it didn't really strike me as a game I would enjoy as much as I do. Over time, this is arguable one of Feld's best. Oh, wait....I already said that above about Castles of Burgundy, didn't I? :0)
Brad said we should start a Feld fan Club. I think he might be onto something.
Overall, this was a wonderful experience. I love my friends and these times we spend together are always filled with laughter and memories.