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GreyElephant Gaming "Game Review" Star Realms - White Wizard Games

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Game Day 2-1-14

I'm watching the Super Bowl yesterday when a commercial comes on. It's a trailer for the next Transfromers movie. I must say, I geeked out a little when I saw Grimlock. However, that was eclipsed when I realized he had Optimus Prime on his back! Yes, Optimus Prime mounts Grimlock while twirling a sword in the air.
Honestly, has there been anything more awesome than that?
Only a game day.
Last Saturday we had our second game day of the year. This was a bit memorable cause this was my first face to face meeting with a local designer by the name of Travis Chance. If you don't know who he is, maybe you might recognize his game Infamy?
Now, I haven't played this game yet, but I've heard good things about it. I would like to try though and we'll get into more on why in just a moment.
As people were staggering in, Bill and Travis decided to learn how to play Draco Magi.
If you are not aware of this game, it's currently on Kickstarter. I had just received a demo copy in the mail for Carmen and I to play and film.
They were scouring through the rules as I was finishing up the dishes before the rest of the crew showed up. Bill  left, Travis right.
We'll have more to about this game in our video, but I will tell you that you can sense a touch of Defenders of the Realms: Battlefields and Blood Bowl in it. Though it doesn't play exactly the same. Just looks like it.
Once the gang showed up, I headed upstairs with Kevin, Travis, and Brad to play Theseus by Portal Games.
This was the first time playing for all 4 of us. The game had some very interesting mechanics and I had to laugh thinking that it made me think of Sorry on Steroids.
Basically, you are moving your characters around in a circle attempting to unlock certain board abilities, card abilities, or possibly just to pull out an attack!
Those cards you see under the locations can become active by stepping into those rooms and then placing them onto an open room spot. I know, sounds kinda confusing, but it really isn't. The game did take a bit of time for us all to learn, but once I got the hang of it, man I was cooking!
I was the little green alien dudes. Brad the red Marines. Kevin the grey alien dudes. Travis the blue humans.
It felt for our first game that being the red Marines was a huge advantage given they are already equipped for attacking, while the rest of us had to upgrade our characters in order to attack.
I am sure there's tons of strategy to work around this, but for our first game it felt a little unbalanced.
By the end of the game, my little green guys had so much potential. They could bypass locations where there were hazards. They could abduct people, which combined with my ability to drop them at my home base where I had a hive with a doubling effect that gave me 2 points.
Overall, a fun game. Not sure if I would say great as of yet. I would need more plays to see where it falls. However, I don't own it, so getting a second chance might be tough sledding.
At the other end of the table they were playing what just might be my new favorite deck builder currently on the market.
Star Realms!
Seriously guys! You really need to play this game. It's fast, fun, and HIGHLY interactive.
You are gaining ships, bases, and outposts in an attempt to obliterate your opponent.
Each player starts with 50 health. Outposts work as a type of shield, where your opponent must destroy that first in order to attack you. Bases can easily be overlooked, but if you're not careful can stack and become a serious problem.
There's a total of 4 factions that each player can obtain. Each faction plays unique. Green lets you draw cards, red lets you scrap cards, yellow forces your opponent to discard cards, and blue lets you heal.
Carmen and I have obtained a copy of this game and will be filming a video. More people seriously need to be playing this game!!!
After this was over, Bill, Elissa, Brad, and Kevin went downstairs to play a game of Euphoria. I would of liked to play, but Travis had brought his prototype for his next Kickstarter game over. We'll talk about that one is in a second.
Seems like they enjoyed Euphoria. I don't really have much to say given I didn't play myself, other than it looked absolutely gorgeous! I know Elissa, Brad, and Kevin all said they liked it, while I believe Bill said he'd need another try.
At least Bill looks like he was having fun. :0)
Upstairs Carmen, Travis, and I were learning how to play Heroes Wanted. Another game that we'll be doing a film here in the next few weeks.
Yes, we are busy! :0)
Keep in mind, this is a prototype.
Above is the board. On the right is where you will be moving you hero around beating up bad guys. On the left is objectives you can try to obtain for VP and upgrades.
Above is my player board. You select randomly a head and torso for your hero. I was the Deadly Beard!!! This actually ended up being an incredibly amazing combo!
Above, Travis was the Titanium Millionaire! If you read his flavor text he says "Well, closer to Thousandaire" which made me laugh out loud.
Now, I saved the best for last. Carmen's character was the one and only.........
As stupid as this character looks, it ended up being pretty freaking powerful. She was tough due to the torso "BEEF". This made it to where she didn't need to discard so many cards in order to defend. However, her top half, "GIRAFFE" gave her the ability to hit multiple enemies. Kind of like she was swinging her head around aimlessly knocking out criminals.
The goal of the game is to defeat criminals by using cards from your hands. These cards could be as simple as allowing you to move, or as powerful as activating your Super Power, which varied depending on the "head" of your hero.
Not only can you beat up the criminals, (and each other) but there's also a super Villain roaming the streets. He's either littering, making boot leg DVD's, try to escape prison, or terrorize patrons at a fun house.
Now that all sounds silly, right? Well, yes it does. However, what makes this game even better is the Quirks your hero has. For instance, Travis always had to talk out his actions while using an indecipherable accent (Made funnier cause it varied though out the game). Carmen had to cheer for anybody when they used their super power. I had to shout an alliteration at the villain each time I hit him.
If you failed to remember to do these quirks, you would lose points.
You win the game by beating up the villain, each other, minions, henchmen, or possibly by achieving varied objectives.
Honestly, this game was a blast to play and I am sure Carmen and I will have a good time during filming of this one.
Last but not least, we played a game called Little Prince Make Me A Planet.
This is quite possibly the cutest game ever, but don't be fooled. There's strategy involved too!
You will lay out three tiles in the center of the board. First player will select one and then choose the next player to select theirs. Usually this means the last player is getting screwed. LOL!
At the end of the game, you will gain victory points based off of what bonus tiles you have in each corner of your planet.
For instance, in the lower right hand corner of my board, this guy is telling me I gain 1 VP for every star on my planet. In the lower left and upper right, I was gaining VP based upon how many light posts I have on my planet.
Carmen was scoring points based upon how many of her tiles she had to flip over, which ended up being too much for Travis and I to over come!
Travis was scoring based off of suns, animals, ect.. on his board.
Overall, we had a wonderful time. It was great meeting Travis and I can see him and I will be hooking up more in the future. Look for us to post up reviews on several of these games we talked about above. Draco Magi, Heroes Wanted, and Star Realms.
Tim Norris

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