Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gaming With The Marshalls

One of my oldest and dearest friends are the Marshalls. Chris and Cindy along with their two little ones invited us over to their house for a day of gaming. It's around a two and half hour drive for us, but well worth it every time we visit. I always look forward to time spent with them and anticipate whenever we can do it again!
We started our day with a game of Love Letter. Neither Chris nor Cindy had ever played this game before. The quickly caught on and both enjoyed the experience.
Cindy even managed to win the game! Final scoring was Carmen 2, Tim 3, Chris 3, Cindy 4.

Up next we played Legendary! Chris has both the base set and the expansion Dark City. We randomly picked most of the cards, but thought it could that we each pick a hero we like and one random one.

Stryff was the baddie along with the Scenerio where you must prevent the Plutonium from leaving the city.

In the end we saved the day and Carmen was the champion scoring 45 points!
Carmen 45, Tim 27, Cindy 25, Chris 22.

After that Cindy made me a meal I am always ready from each time we visit. No, I'm typically NOT a fan of chicken legs! However, Cindy has this recipe that makes them irresistible! They are placed into a crock pot and left to absorb all the seasonings. The meat is so tender and delicious, I find myself practically licking the plate afterwards. I ate wayyy too much!
After gorging myself, we played a game I had never played before.
Star Fluxx.
An interesting game much like Munchkin (I hate Munchkin). However, I didn't mind this one as much. Not a ton of strategy, but I guess a neat little filler? Not something I'd want to bust out every game day, but something I guess I could see myself enjoying every now and then. There's so many Fluxx themes out there. If I was to buy one, it would probably be Monty Python. :0)

Chris proved to be the Star Fluxx champion. He was quit impressed with himself showing off his winning combo.

Enough with silly card games! Now is the time for destruction!
This was the second game of King of Tokyo for Cindy and Chris. We played with the Power Up expansion. Cindy/Panda, Chris/Dragon, Carmen/ Kraken, Tim/Godzilla.

I was doing very well! I had a couple of mutations that allowed me to take away 2 Star Points from everybody AND another that allowed me to change any die to a claw. That along with my Tanker card was letting me gain several Star Points!

We had a very strange ending! I needed 3 Star Points to win. Cindy was out of the game. Chris was in Tokyo. I hit Chris 3 times which destroyed him. That gave me 2 Star Points (my Tanker card) AND allowed me to enter Tokyo giving me the victory? One problem. Chris had Lightning Armor which allowed him to strike back at me. He rolled enough claws to destroy me. What made this even more interesting is Chris had a card Eater of the Dead which gave him 3 Star Points each time a monster was KO'd. With both him and I being KO'd at the same time, it gave him the 6 Star Points he needed to win. We judged that he would technically be KO'd before he could activate the cards ability. But, did I win? We judged that technically, I was KO'd BEFORE taking over Tokyo, giving me the last Star Point I would of needed to secure the win. In the end, Carmen won in the greatest ending I have ever seen occur in this game.
Carmen by default! :0)

Next up we played Incan Gold. This is Chris and Cindy daughters favorite game ever. She loves flipping over the cards and being as dramatic as she could be the entire time. She really gets into the theme and you can't help but laugh watching her run away at the slightest sign of danger! :0)

Here I am with a messily 1 point.

Chris is counting up his booty.

And is crowned the champion of Incan Gold giving us a Fonzy two thumbs up!

Here's a shot of the end game and how crazy it got. Some of the cards are stacked. We delved far into the temple this round!

Now onto the last and possibly best game of the night!
Star Wars X-wing!

I along with Jade (Chris daughter) played against Carmen and Chris.
Jade and I were Falcon, X-wing, and A-wing.
Carmen and Chris were Tie, Tie Advance, Firespray.

The Firespray was target locked by all 3 Rebel ships. The sad part is the dice HATED the rebels and the Firespray got out with minimal damage.

Carmen brought Lord Vader into the fray taking out is son Luke Skywalker!

That stupid Tie Fighter was ALWAYS in the way of the Falcon. At one point, we had to make the Tie smaller in order to fit it as close as possible under the Falcon. As you can see, even Vader was up against the Falcon. However, Vader was a hair separated from the Falcon giving him the chance to open fire!

 Here's another shot of the Falcon and Tie.

The Falcon did a hard maneuver spinning back around and taking out Lord Vader.
Oh, yea!

In the end the Empire was too much for the Rebels. Chris and Carmen flexed their muscles in a victory poise!
Carmen still had her Tie Fighter and Chris had his Firespray in action at the end of the game. 

Overall, this was one of the best days of gaming I've ever had. Good friends. Good food. Good games. Great time. We stayed longer than we expected, not getting home and into bed until 3 am. If I had to do it all over again?
 I would of come earlier so I could of spent more time with my friends.
Until next time. - Tim Norris

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