Monday, June 3, 2013

GreyElephant Gaming "Live Play" Terra Mystica - Zman Games

  • Round 1 - 00:21
  • Round 2 - 11:00
  • Round 3 - 17:30
  • Round 4 - 26:07
  • Round 5 - 34:18
  • Round 6 - 43:35 - This round includes bonus scoring.


  1. Well, I stumbled on your blog on BGG and then I saw that you were at Origins. I was like "Hey, I was at Origins too", so I started looking at your pictures and your first picture was of the Upper Deck booth and I was like "Hey, I played Legendary there" and then I saw that you were there on Saturday and I was like "Hey, that's the day I checked out Legendary" and then I looked at your picture and I was like "Hey, that's me!"


  2. That's awesome! Make sure if you see me at Gen Con to come up and get a high five!


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