Sunday, June 16, 2013

First Trip to Origins

While not able to do or meet as many people as I would've liked. Origins was a wonderful experience. Overall, it's like an appetizer before the meal. I am sure you are aware of what the meal is? Yes, Gen Con. Origins was a delight. You could freely walk around and demo practically anything you wanted. The crowd felt only about 1/3rd of what you can expect at Gen Con on a  Saturday. Here's some pictures I took. Mind you, I look back and wish I had taken more! With only one day, a total of 6 hours on the road, and an aching back/feet I share with you some of my experience.
First place I stopped was over at the Upper Deck Entertainment booth.

There I meet two awesome ladies and one great gentleman. I fear the name of the ladies has slipped my mind, but they were both helpful and a delight to talk with and I look forward to meeting them both again. The gentleman was Jason Brenner. I could tell he was very busy and I hate taking up peoples time. You see, Marvel Legendary was running tournaments for the first time at Origins this year. Jason was in charge of it all and for him to leave his post to come speak with me was very flattering. Jason is a true gamer whom I look forward hanging out with at Gen Con when things settle down and it's time for a beer.
Here is a picture I took of the Fantastic Four expansion for Marvel Legendary. I had my friend place his hand next to it, so you could see the size of the box.
Just down the aisle a bit we ran into the Greater Than Games crew. I always enjoy talking with Chris. I fear that given enough time, between him and I, we could suck all the oxygen out of a room with how much we both like to talk.

After meeting with the guys, we headed over to play a demo of Titanium Wars by Iello games.
The artwork is beautiful and the gameplay seemed pretty solid. Overall, I really would of liked to play this again. However.......

There are 3 problems I had with this game. It WILL require at least 3 people to play. Well, for me that isn't going to work too well given I do most of my gaming with my wife. The second is the price. I simply can't come to terms with dropping $40 for such a title. Last but not least....

PAPER MONEY! What the "HEY HEY" Iello? Did you all of a sudden slip and fall back into the 80's? Seriously, this was a major turn off. I don't like dealing with paper money and Iello should of known better.
The Mage Wars booth! Do I need to say more? Okay, I will! Mage Wars is simply fantastic. If you haven't played it, you should at least demo the game once. The only real issue I have with this game is time. I wish I had more of it to invest into setting up custom Spell Books and playing this game.
Would you like to see 25lbs of awesomeness? I show you Ogre. I was STUNNED by the size of this box! Humongous really is fitting. I was simply in awe.
By this time we were getting a bit hungry and decided to step out of the dealer hall for some grub. We passed up a giant size game of the new game by Wiz Kids Star Trek Attack Wing.

After getting some food, we took a trip over to another hall that featured the highlight game of the convention for me. This game will be an instant buy for me as long as they keep everything as close to this prototype as possible. I give you....
Here's what the board looks like BEFORE we started really laying it to waste!
You are giant monsters that run around the city destroying buildings....
When people fall off the buildings, you EAT THEM! If they fall of the entire board, you do suffer a penalty. However, we didn't have a teacher to teach the game. We just ignored it for the sake of having fun.
You can eat as many people as you have teeth. For instance, you start out with 6 teeth. 6 teeth = 6 delicious meeples!
However, you can lose teeth! There are buses and trucks around the board. You can pick those up and fling them at your opponents. If you knock them over, you take one of their teeth!
You drop your monster onto the buildings to knock them over and ultimately knock down the meeples you eat. You flick a disk around the board and as long as you are in the proximity of the building, you get to do a SMACK DOWN!
Create sets of colors using teeth as a "wild card". You also get to count building tiles that you destroyed.
I WILL buy this!
Iello was running tournaments on King of Tokyo. If you win, you got a special promo figure/card. A SPACE PENGUIN!!! Billy, Kevin, 3 strangers, and myself all sparred for such an epic prize.
This was Billy's 3rd attempt at winning this slippery penguin. However, Kevin proved to be the champion monster by winning with 20 Star Points and ultimately walked away with the elusive Penguin prize!

Next highlight was over at the Zman booth. Robinson Crusoe was a fantastic experience.
Even though we were taught in a strange manner, we were able to pick up on how to play. The game is slick and is one I would LOVE to play again. If Zman hadn't of sold out, I would of bought it right on the spot. I liked it that much!

While I would of loved to demo Pirates vs Dinosaurs, alas it was getting too late! Here's some very beautiful pictures of the game.
Check out the giant T-Rex!

Last thing we did was try a game called Trains Stations by Wiz Kids.
Looked interesting, though we didn't get a real chance to play. Might try to play this come Gen Con if I get a chance.
As we were about to leave, I saw these little critters from Krosmaster Arena. The minis were VERY impressive! I was shocked with just how tall they were.
I will try playing this come Gen Con as well, if I get a chance.

This was my first Origins experience. Most certainly, this won't be my last. I plan on heading back next year. However, I also plan on staying longer. This was a true gamers convention. With plenty of space to roam around and play games. Not sure how well publishers did on a whole, but I do know the ones I talked to seemed to be enjoying themselves the same.
Now, come Gen Con!










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