Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another fantastic day of friends and games!
While waiting for Billy to show up, Kevin taught Carmen how to play
Star Wars LCG. Carmen was the Jedi while Kevin played
the Empire. This was Carmens first game and she lost a
very close match!

Next up was a fantastic game called Terra Mystica! Carmen played as the Cultists, Kevin Swarmlings, Billy Auren, and I was Chaos Magicians.

It was funny that in this game with 4 players, we all were migrating to one side of the board.

This was the end game with Carmen coming in first, then me, Kevin, and finally Billy.

Carmen was Brown (Cultists) and dominated the Cult Track! Kevin was blue, Billy green, and I was red.

Next up we played a game of Dragon Rampage! This is a very under the radar type of game that is lots of fun!

Carmen won this game as the Paladin with a score of 24. Billy played as the Rouge and escaped first ending the game and came in second with 21 points. Kevin and I both tied with 18 points a piece. Kevin was the Elf while I was the beer drinking Dwarf!

Billy taught us all how to play Alien Frontiers for the first time.

Aren't we all so handsome?

 Once again, it was a night for Carmen who won again! She really fell in love with this game. Since her and I have played 2 more times with just us. She's won both those games too!
After Billy and Kevin went home, Carmen and I ended the night with a game of Lord of the Rings Deckbuilder. We like to play with all the Archenemies and two heroes. She was Gimli and Boromir while I was Gandalf and Arwen. I rode like the wind to victory 81-65.

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