Wednesday, May 22, 2013

GreyElephant Gaming "Live Play" Princes of the Dragon Throne - Clever Mo...

00:18-Act 1. An Introduction, Some Gathering, Till Off We Prospect!
06:42-Act 2. Hey! Who Called A Parliament?
09:08-Act 3. Forgetting NP's and Muscling In On A Guild.
12:02-Act 4. King's Guards, Discounted Dragons, Our Second Parliament.
19:19-Act 5. Sorcery, Our Third Parliament and A Cheating Carmen?
24:55-Act 6. Royal Favors, Our Forth Parliament, and Tim Get's Whiney.
27:52-Act 7. Clerics Favors, Sheepless, and There's A Green Players Too!
36:50-Act 8. To Crown A King

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