Sunday, May 26, 2013

Game Day at GreyElephant Gaming!

 Getting geared up to play some Galaxy Trucker for the first time with Bill, Tim, Noah, and Todd. Only Bill is in the picture, but doesn't he have such a lovely smile? :0)

Everyone was hanging out waiting for a game of Terra Mystica to end so we could begin the next round of gaming. Ken, Noah, Todd, Kevin, Bill, (Ken's Brother)

It was my birthday and my wife got me this awesome cake! Can you see what my birthday gifts from here were?

Here' another shot of my cake. with my new Falcon and Fett ships from X-Wing my wife got me for my birthday.
Can't smack that smile off my face! Go ahead and try!

Unwrapping my other gifts my wonderful wife got me.

More presents? YES! My wife rocks!

Super Dungeon Explore expansion along with the Succumbs!

A delivery was made that my wife said must of been my other present.

She bought all 3 of the LotR movies on DvD. She said after playing the LotR Deckbuilder so much lately, she's in the mood for a marathon movie day! She's AMAZING!

My Falcon and Slave I.
I wanted to bury my face into my cake.

Here is my first attempt at building a ship in Galaxy Trucker.

Noah's first ship.

Todd's first ship.

Upstairs they started a game of Guildhall. If you haven't played this game yet, DO IT! Fantastic game that keeps you very involved though out the entire game.

Carmen is learning how to play Eclipse for the first time. After it was all said and done, she was tired from sitting so long just to lose, which was obviously going to be the case early on.

Mid game of Eclipse.

Carmen was yellow, Billy was red, Ken's brother black, and Ken is blue. Ken's brother ended up winning by one point over Ken.

I taught everyone how to play Escape: Curse of the Temple. We ended up playing 3 times.

First game, we lost, but won the second game. So we set it up again!

Here's another shot of our victory on easy mode.

Played with the Curses and Treasures. Got it handed to us pretty good.

Noah is the only one who made it out alive. We came up with the idea that he must of used our dead bodies to climb out through the roof.

Tsuro Seas! Kevin, Noah, and myself all played. Kevin got eaten by a hungry sea monster while Noah found the edge of the world. I sailed away to victory!
All the kiddos playing downstairs.

Carmen, Kevin, Billy, Brad, and Elisa were all playing Terra Mystica. EVERYONE LOVES THIS GAME!

Chill'n playing some Luigi's Mansion. Get them ghosts!

Carmen, Kevin, and myself in a 3 player game of Terra Mystica. This was Kevins first time playing it and probably Carmen and mine 20th.

This was our end game scoring.
Forgot to take some picture of us playing the LotR Deckbuilder. We seem to play this everytime. Here is the Lurtz Impossible Mode card. Yes, you get eliminated if you guess wrong. Carmen guessed wrong. LOL!

Brad and his wife Elisa are learning Le Havre for the first time. They said they liked it!
Overall, we had a fantastic day and I can't wait to get with all my friends next month and do it again!

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