Saturday, December 8, 2012

ERUPTION by Stratus Games

I'm Hot, You're Cold, But Not for Long!
written by Carmen Norris (femelephant)
Plays 2-6 players in 30-60 minutes

In Eruption you are placing lava tiles to trace a path from the volcano to your opponents' villages while protecting your own.

Starting a path from the Volcano.

Placing this tile gives me straw to build a wall with.

You can place these walls to try to keep the lava from heating up your village.

There are three types of walls. At the beginning of your turn you will test the walls to see if they hold up. This testing is done by rolling the dice. Stone is the strongest, adding 2 points to the wall's dice roll, wood adds one point, and then straw is the weakest, adding nothing to the wall's dice roll.

You can also place walls to block the lava flow higher up. These walls are tested when someone tries to continue that flow by placing a tile.

If you want to play defensively, you can place tiles to direct lava flow away from your village. But that's no fun!

You can play cards to manipulate tiles, gain walls, or cool your village down.

Rotating a tile to protect your village.

At the beginning of every turn you assess the damage when lava reaches your village, and this raises the temperature on the burn meter. As your village increases in temperature, you gain more abilities per turn.

3 lava flows reach this village, adding 60 degrees to the burn meter.

The turn summary is printed on the board.

The hotter your village gets, the more actions you get on your turn. This not only keeps the "loser" from getting too upset about it, but results in some interesting strategies.

Sabotaging your opponent's villages is a lot of fun and the length of the game is just right.

The cutthroat action reminds me of Survive but this game is simpler to set up, and less involved to play. Our daughter enjoyed playing it with us and her attention span handled it well (not so much with Survive) I would say that the age limit could probably be a little lower.

I also really enjoy playing this game. I feel that it fills a niche that is not filled by other games in my collection, and it will definitely get a lot of use.

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